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 In compliance with the duty of information contained in Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the following information is indicated below:
The company that owns this website is "Animar Media Studio, SL", registered to the address at C/ Nàpols 187 - 6º, 08013 Barcelona, with CIF number: B65099657, registered in the Commercial Register of Barcelona to the volume 41213, folio 43, sheet 382960, inscription 5ª.
The information contained in constitutes an information service with a diverse range of goods and products offered by "Animar Media Studio, SL" (hereinafter, "Animar Media Studio") within the field of animation, through our website, you can access a diverse range of content within the sector.
The use of the website, including mere access, attributes the condition of User and therefore, submission to the provisions contained in the document.
Animar Media Studio, S.L may at any time modify the content, design, and structure of as well as these provisions, without prior notice.
Access to the website requires acceptance to the conditions of use, its policy and legal notice which are currently in force on this website, which are subject to change without prior notice, unless there are substantial variations. Navigating or using the website and the said support channels, together with the marking and use of the check-ins across different forms, supposes the unambiguous acceptance of these conditions.
The user accesses under his / her sole responsibility, undertaking to use the website in accordance with the Law, and not to take any action that could damage the image, interests or rights of Animar Media Studio or third parties, as well as actions that can overload, damage or disable the website, servers and other computer equipment. The user will be liable for any damages and losses that may arise as a result of breach of this obligation. Access to requires the intervention of third-party operators, therefore such access may be suspended, cancelled or inaccessible due to circumstances beyond our control.
Animar Media Studio is not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur as a result. It is up to the user to take the appropriate measures to detect and eliminate the existence of viruses, worms or other elements that could alter their computer systems.
The User may not use the page in any illegal or inappropriate manner, violating any applicable legislation or permit. The User accepts to follow all the instructions that we offer in relation to the use of the page.
The source code, the graphic designs, the images, the photographs, the animations, the software, audio-visual content, the text, as well as the information, including distinctive signs or other industrial property rights and the contents that are gathered in are protected within the appropriate UK legislative laws on the rights of intellectual and industrial property in favour of Animar Media Studio, and the total or partial reproduction of this website, or its computer processing, public communication, distribution, diffusion, or modification is not allowed. Transformation and any other form of exploitation, without the prior written permission of its owner, Animar Media Studio, in accordance with the provisions of articles 8 and 32 second paragraph of the Intellectual Property Law.
The access or use of the web does not imply cession of the rights of exploitation of the content of the same.
The user, only and exclusively may use the material that appears in this website for personal and private use, any use for commercial purposes or to incur illicit activities is prohibited. All rights derived from intellectual property are expressly reserved by Animar Media Studio.
Animar Media Studio will watch over the compliance of the above conditions and for the proper use of the contents presented on its website, exercising all civil and criminal actions that correspond to it in the case of infringement or breach of these rights by the user.

The access to the Web page or its use does not imply, a priori, a collection of user’s personal data by Animar Media Studio. However, it is reported that, when Animar Media Studio requests personal data, the user will be duly informed in accordance with article 13 of the European Regulation 2016/679 of April 27 (GDPR), of General Data Protection Regulation, through the legal notice and the privacy policy.
Animar Media Studio has taken the technical and organisational measures necessary to guarantee the security of the data and to avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorised access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, whether they come from human action or from the physical or natural environment. The technical and organisational measures that aim to achieve the basic objectives in terms of security will be adopted, such as: confidentiality, understood as the limitation of access to information by unauthorised persons; integrity, understood as the maintenance of reliable and quality information, and availability, understood as the guarantee of access to the Information System by the request of an authorised user.
This part does not assume any responsibility for the falsity of the information provided, being able and not renouncing the actions that may derive from said action.
The corporation does not make assignments at present with your data. In your case, any possible assignment will be covered by the mandatory compliance with the legislation, in your explicit consent or because the entity is absolutely necessary and related for the provision of the contracted service.

 All the information related to the cookies that we make use of in the website is related in our privacy policy and cookies. (The content of cookies will be found in the Privacy Policy).
Contact details of the Responsible / Representative:
"Animar Media Studio, S.L.", with address at CC/ Nàpols 187 - 6º, 08013 Barcelona, with CIF number: B-65099657.
Legitimation: Through unequivocal consent when the legal conditions of our website are accepted.
Recipients: Data will not arrive to third parties, except in cases of legal obligation or in assignments that are necessary to fulfil the contracted order.
The interested party or those affected by the treatment, have the right to withdraw their consent at any time.
Finally, the client or affected user has the right to contact the Data Protection Agency, an entity that manages any aspect related to the application of data protection regulations and where the user can report or defend their interests in the case that considers it opportune, the web is
Provenance: The source is the interested party and his or her guardian or parents. The data treated are for basic identification, at a basic level with a general character.
Data conservation: The data will be kept as long as there is a mutual interest of the parties, due to the validity of the relationship or due to consent. The data will remain in the mercantile in compliance with mandatory regulations until the prescription periods are exceeded.
International transfers: Currently they are not made.
Additional Information: Information channels:
1º.- Email
2º.- In the establishment itself. C/ Nàpols 187 - 6º, 08013 de Barcelona.
3º.-Through our legal texts exposed on the website,, specifically in the sections, "Legal Notice", "Privacy Policy" and contact forms.
Animar Media Studio is not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur as a result of the use of the contents of the website, being the sole responsibility of the user who accesses them.
Animar Media Studio is not responsible directly, indirectly, or as a subsidiary of the damages and losses of any nature derived from the contracting of a service with customisable content. So, it is not responsible for the inclusion of images or content that involve the infringement of the rights of image, intellectual and industrial property or that may incur a legal breach of any scope, being the responsibility of the individual who contracts the services, which undertakes to have legal access to the contents used for the preparation of the product object of the contract whose use will be only private. Nor is responsible for possible semantic, grammatical or spelling errors introduced by the contractor in the preparation of the contracted product, being the responsibility of the contractor. The contracting party undertakes not to disclose such errors by blaming Animar Media Studio for such action.
In the same sense, Animar Media Studio is not responsible for the possible damages that may arise from the use of an outdated or defective version of the browser, interruptions in the connection that occur during the transmission of data, computer viruses, breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of the telematic system, of blockages caused by deficiencies or overloads of telephone lines, as well as of damages caused by third parties through unauthorised interference.
Animar Media Studio website contains links to other websites that may be of interest to users. Animar Media Studio assumes no responsibility for these links, and can not guarantee compliance with the appropriate Privacy Policies, which is why the user accesses the content of the aforementioned Web pages under the conditions of use set out therein and under their exclusive responsibility. Neither assumes responsibilities over the contacts that the user establishes with potential collaborators through their banners.
Animar Media Studio is not responsible for the breach of any applicable rule that may be incurred by the user in accessing the Web and / or in the use of the information contained therein.
We are not liable for any loss, damage, or expenses (including loss of profits) that arise directly or indirectly from any failure or delay in the performance of any obligation under these Terms and Conditions, due to any event or circumstance outside of our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, strikes, industrial actions, failure of power supplies or equipment, government actions or the like.
Animar Media Studio reserves the right to interrupt or deny discretionally, at any time and without prior notice, the access of any user to the contents of restricted access, under any of the circumstances described.
The links that can be accessed to a third-party webpage has a specific purpose, the purpose of which is to provide the user other sources of information that may be of interest.
Animar Media Studio seeks to review the content of its links. However, it is impossible to know at all times the specific content of the proposed links.
Animar Media Studio, uses social networks to promote their events, services and products, and thus reach the largest possible number of recipients, but the legal conditions are established for the same social network.
In short, the user is solely responsible for the use of the services, content, links and hypertexts included in the website

The Personal Data collected by the different forms in the website are subject to the terms included in our Privacy Policy and the current document. The two texts are complementary.
We will only use the personal information we may collect about the User in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This policy is an essential part of these Terms and Conditions, so it is important that you read it. By accepting these terms and conditions, the User also accepts and consents to our privacy policy.

We can remove the page or cease providing any of the services available through the page at any time at our sole discretion, for whatever reason.
We may interrupt access to the page at any time at our sole discretion, at any time with or without prior notice.

Animar Media Studio reserves the right at any time, without prior notice, to make changes and updates to the information contained on its website or in its configuration and presentation. It also reserves the right to suspend temporarily, and without prior notice, access to the website for reasons of possible need and to carry out maintenance, repair or improvement operations.
Animar Media Studio reserves the right to include or withdraw all or part of the Website, any information at its sole discretion.
The user's navigation implies the assumption of the modification of the previous legal texts that can be made and their knowledge.

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